Online Casino Sites in Norway – Where to Put Your Money and Win

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Here at casino online Canada, we help to guide players to the best casinos in their region and the same can be said of players in other countries seeking assistance. Here in our Norwegian guide, we provide a review of the best online casinos open to the people of Norway.

Internet vs. Land Based

If you are new to gambling, then you are presented with a choice, do you gamble inside of the many available online casinos, or do you go out of your way to play within land-based sites. The options are limited, and the choice is very clear when you look closely at what is available to players within each of their networks.

Here we share with you your options in closer detail and allow you to make your mind up if playing online casino games is better than playing inside of land-based casinos around Norway.

Land Based Casinos and the Law

When it comes to gambling in Norway, there are many restrictions, by and large gambling is illegal with only two companies on the market being able to offer services, this is the Norsk Tipping and the Norsk Rikototo. These options allow for players in Norway to gamble on things such as the lottery, keno and sports betting.

Both companies are state-owned and are, thusly able to preside over the running of businesses, controlling when bets can be placed, how much you as a player can wager and who can play.

If you looking to find a slot machine/cabinet, then these were banned in Norway in 2007. There are however IVTs which are interactive video terminals, which were brought in around 2009, but these required special cards to play them, further limiting the opportunity.

Online Casinos and the Law

There is a main factor surrounding all gambling in Norway, it is its own country, not bound to the EU and the EU laws that are very lax on the subject of gambling. Therefore, Norway can make its own laws on the subject, no matter how draconian they are, they would have to be abided to. So, how does online gambling work? Well, the peculiar thing is that there is no written law in place that bans or makes illegal to play inside of online casinos. The catch is, the no Norwegian business would be allowed to produce an online site, the loophole being that players can play in casinos registered outside of the Norwegian borders.

What allows for this to be safe is that these casinos are licensed by regulated and governmental bodies i.e. The UK Gambling Commission, The Malta Gaming Authority and the Game Commission in Gibraltar, to name a few, that approve business online to practice as a gambling service to many millions across many different countries. Until the Norwegian government starts controlling the freedom of the internet, there is no law that can prohibit players from playing online outside of Norway.

This means the expanse of gameplay stretches far into games that are not available through land-based establishments.

Playing Online with Confidence

For a first-time player, we know that taking this decision to play online is a very stressful one. Players battle over the rights and wrongs, and invariably, once you play, you’re unlikely to stop. But you can approach online casinos with confidence. From start to finish, it is about seeing the bigger picture of how online casinos work and how you should evolve particular skills that put you as a player into a category of successful, rather than failure.

Picking an Online Casino

First things first, if you’re going to play online and invest your money into the many games which feature, you want a site that is 100% licensed and regulated. As a rule of thumb, when you look for an online casino it is far better to take the independent advice of an independent comparison site than it is to gauge for yourself whether they have the right resource or not.

There are three main areas of a casino you need to be trusting of before you consider joining them.

1) Is the casino legitimate?

2) Is the casino safe?

3) Is the casino legally accessible to Norwegian players?

To find the answers to these questions, you only need to search the casino’s site for their adequacies. It should be of public knowledge to who licenses the operator, what software they use for security and who owns the business and where it is registered. Without pointing these facts out a site should be considered suspicious.

What Online Casinos Offer

Playing online provides a multitude of options for any player. Through online portals, you can access sports betting, live dealer casino tables providing games like blackjack and roulette. Then you have thousands of online slot machines that provide multi-million prize funds to the lucky recipients. There is also the opportunity to take part in tournaments that will have you playing against other casino members for pooled jackpots.

Aside from the gaming, there are more astonishing factors to benefit from.

Advantages from Gambling Online

One of the most evident factors of playing online is the accessibility to casino bonuses. Rewards placed on the site’s promotions page that allow you to gain extra funding to play the games with free cash and free spins.

All online casinos can also be accessed via different devices. All sites are configured to meet the settings of mobile smartphones if you were to play with any brand of phone that has Android, iOS or Windows built into it.

For banking, Norwegians can use their own currency without converting. Even though the casinos are based outside of Norway, you can still play with your original currency and win krone money back. You can use a number of services from credit cards to e-wallets like Skrill and PayPal.

As online casinos tend to cover more than one country, you will be able to get 24/7 customer support to assist your time as a member when required.

Gambling online is a platform that offers many vast opportunities with endless possibilities. Pick the right site that suits your requirements from gaming to banking and you could be set for life.

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